Donny Starkins began his yoga journey in 2005 in search of pain relief. As a former Division 1 baseball player (University of Nebraska & Arizona State University), he’s had a total of 8 operations on his knees (7 on his left knee, 1 on the right). Yes, you read that correctly. Don’t feel bad for him though. It was through these operations that he found the gift of yoga. His mom is a big yogi and was always trying to get him to come to class with her. “Because of my pride and ego, it took a while. However, once I was able to put my pride aside the endless blessings of yoga began for me. I tell people that I started for the yoga for the body but little did I know what it would do for the mind and soul.” Donny has since completed his 200 Hour Certification at LifePower and has studied under the teaching of Seane Corn, John Salisbury, Anton Mackey, Jenn Chiarelli and Cheryl Oliver.

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He says “Yoga has given me so much. So, how dare I not share it with the world around me?”

The opportunity to now give that love away is why you are sure to leave his class feeling inspired, present, aligned, and alive!

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